Probate in Orlando Made Easy


Orlando Probate has the experience and expertise to handle your probate, probate administration and probate litigation needs. Probate laws are more complicated in Florida than they are in other parts of the country, so it is important for people in need of probate services to ensure they have a qualified Florida probate attorney to handle any estate needs. Once you retain the best Orlando probate lawyer you can find, you can rest easy that this complicated but necessary process is in good hands.

We will fight for your rights as an heir, guardian, executor, or administrator of an estate. In addition, we handle probate administrations throughout Central Florida and ensure that we stay abreast of changes in this dynamic area of law.

Our probate attorneys in Orlando can undertake a multitude of probate cases ranging in the various aspects of probate proceedings. Regardless of the complexity of a case, we are ready to help and provide you with the assistance and personalized representation you deserve.

Orlando Probate is happy to explain the legal options available to you and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today for more information on the probate services and legal aid we can provide you.


Probate in Orlando

Probate is the legal process by which a court oversees the distribution of money, property and assets upon a person’s death. Many states require an attorney to conduct probate, and it is usually a complicated and time-consuming process.


Orlando Probate Lawyer

Orlando Probate is committed to providing exceptional legal services in all aspects of probate. That includes probate administration and, if necessary, litigation. We represent personal representatives, executors and beneficiaries.


Experienced Attorneys

Because probate in Florida can be so complex, it is recommended that you hire the most experienced probate attorney in Central Florida. Our Orlando lawyers have extensive knowledge about probate courts and judges here.


Probate in Florida

The state of Florida mandates that every person, after death, have his or her estate go through the probate process. In addition, Florida law says that every probated estate must be represented by an attorney.


Probate Costs

Florida law provides guidelines on what the court deems "reasonable" compensation for representatives of the estate. Feel secure that the money paid to your attorney gets you the best representation.


Estate Plan

Many people have wills, but many others die without a will. Florida handles these estates differently, and it takes a knowledgeable probate lawyer to understand the difference. Make sure your loved one's will is followed to the letter.

The pain a family feels when a loved one passes away is immeasurable. In this time of grief, it can be difficult to handle how your family member's estate is taken care of and all of the logistics involved with managing it. We can provide you with an Orlando probate attorney that knows every detail of probate law, one who can skillfully handle any probate-related issues with speed and accuracy.

Get the best legal representation for your loved one's valuable estate, and ensure that the rightful beneficiaries get what they legally deserve.